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Cannabis Confections

Hi folks! Christine Smith here, founder and CEO of grön chocolate. I must preface this blog by stating that I’m not a writer, and certainly not a seasoned blogger…BUT I do know a thing or two about chocolate AND about cooking with chocolate and cannabis. Admittedly, I don’t have a traditional culinary background. I spent 16 years practicing architecture before parlaying my creative expertise (…and lack of fear + dumb luck) into the culinary field of cannabis. I have always had a love of fine food, seasonal and local ingredients, and dabbled with the art of cooking but only from an amateur’s perspective. A few years ago-sometime in early 2014 with a newborn son and in a state of sleepless delirium while on maternity leave-I got a wild hair to learn how to temper chocolate.

Full disclosure: I failed miserably. And not just once or twice! However, tenacity is one of my many entertaining attributes and the more I played with chocolate, the more I became obsessed. I took some classes, apprenticed with a chocolatier and read every book and article I could get my hands on. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect, and through sheer will, talented mentors and staff (and most certainly some of that dumb luck and lack of fear aforementioned) I stumbled upon some amazing discoveries that ultimately lead to the grön chocolate bars we sell today! I tell people often how incredibly special chocolate is, and what a limited commodity it is…it really is one of the wonders of our delicate planet. Kudos to the Mayans for figuring out the cacao tree’s magic with those beans…another blog post entirely!

With that in mind, the chocolatiers here at grön are really excited to have a portal to share our combined chocolate + cannabis knowledge (and maybe a few sweet secrets). Before we get down to business of cooking with chocolate, it’s important to note that cooking with CANNABIS chocolate has its own set of challenges. The recipes we share all involve a grön chocolate product that has been lab tested. Despite what some brave souls might say, I can assure you that traditional methods of cooking with cannabis do not make food taste better, they might do their intended job, but they have a distinct ‘green’ taste and often aren’t accurately dosed. The short reason behind this is that most methods involve butter or coconut oil that has been cannabis infused and while the butter/oil has been infused with THC, it has also been infused with terpenes (the lovely reason your buds smell so sweet, or skunky, or tart). Terpenes have flavor and that’s great for smoking, but not so great for eating. Grön chocolate uses a clear cannabis distillate which has been triple refined through a sophisticated lab process to remove virtually all the terpenes, thus leaving us with a very potent honey-like THC/CBD extract that we are able to add in small concentrated doses (similar in comparison to adding vanilla extract to a traditional recipe). We are able to homogenize the extract within our chocolate such that we can produce positive experiences while we show off the flavor of our chocolate. For those of you familiar with our products already, you know that there is no cannabis taste…that means that when you cook with our products you can rest assured that they will feel and taste equally as good!

It also means they do not taste or smell like cannabis confections so please keep any and all medicated products out of reach of children, pets and unsuspecting chocolate-loving humans!!! We have done our best with all our recipes to provide options with ratios of medicated chocolate to provide dosing variations based on personal tolerance and always encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or thoughts.