Grön makes great
occasions delicious

Yes, we care. A lot.

Love for the Earth and its provisions. Love for the people we work with. Love for the quality ingredients we source. Care in each product we make. It’s the only way for us to make honest fine chocolates with rich nuanced flavors.

All together now:

The Grön seed-to-sale ecology

We’re committed to fairness, sustainability, minimal environmental impact and enhancing communities. Aside from using only hand-harvested, Fair Trade cacao beans, our toppings and chocolate inclusions are locally sourced, organic, and provided by local partners. We’re happy to make people happy—and to make a difference, one bar, bite and bit at a time.


It all started in 2014

We have Christine Smith to thank. A fourth-generation Texan, she’s the one who built her first bonafide village on the family ranch at age 10—a prelude to her degree in architectural design at the Univ. of Texas Austin, studies in Denmark, and life-long quest to form thriving communities on small footprints.

Christine arrived in Oregon at the start of 1999, embarking on a 20-year career as an architect while her husband Jasper owned and operated a medical marijuana dispensary. Combining curiosities around tempering chocolate and a marketplace limited to gritty treats wrapped in cellophane, Christine applied her rich understanding of thoughtful proportions and exacting composition to start Grön in 2014. Always seeking a better village, Christine takes a principled approach to environmentally smart business practices.

While Christine and her expanding team keep up with the growing demand across Oregon, there’s also snatches of downtime with Jasper, their two kids and dog, cat, two horses, and five chickens. The family lives on Skunk Valley Farm outside Portland where Jasper oversees the property’s Tier II OLCC-certified grow facility.


Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Oregon Health Authority
Clean Green Certified



Willamette Week 2017 Best Cannabis-Infused Product
Willamette Week 2017 Best Edible Product
Dope Industry Award Finalist 2017
Dope Industry Award Finalist 2016
Dope Cup Award Finalist 2016
First ODA licensed edible processor 2016
First OHA/OLCC Process Certification 2016