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Indulge in
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Indulge in
a stream of

Grön makes delicately nuanced
chocolate infused with Clean
Green Certified cannabis.

Bars + Bites + Bits

Made with hand-harvested, Fair Trade cacao beans, each bar and bite gives you a refined cannabis experience while doubling down on getting chocolate right.

Learn about every sweet little thing

How much to eat, what to expect, and the science behind why THC-infused chocolate and the human tongue are meant for each other.


Grön recipes made with our chocolate bars. These versatile recipes teach you about dosing, technique, and how to create a new take on our chocolate. Eat & be well!

How in the world do you say Grön?

Feel free to pronounce it any which way, but the word grön—we say grewn—is heard all over Sweden, where it means green. It also explains why Grön is more than a nice story.

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