candy-coated chocolate pieces

Decadent Fair Trade chocolate covered in a colorful candy coating and infused with cannabis extract, Pips are the perfect bite-size edible for anyone looking for a sweet candy crunch. With 20 Pips per bag, your first bite doesn’t have to be your last.
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it’s about what’s inside

Pips may radiate with whimsical candy-coated colors on the outside, but the real magic is in the incredibly snack-worthy inside. Infused with 2.5mg THC for a consistent micro-dose, and available in a variety of cannabinoid ratios, we’ve created these chocolate morsels just for you. Whether you’re looking for the perfectly microdosed edible, or searching for an infused alternative to your favorite corner store candy, Pips were designed to be enjoyed on your terms, at your pace.
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Grön Candy-Coated Chocolate Pips
Grön Pips - Panning

made for you by friends

We’ve spent countless hours creating the perfect Pip. Each one is candy coated 20 times, carefully assessed, and handpicked to be packaged up and delivered to your favorite dispensary. 

the future is bright 😎

With 20 Pips per bag, there’s enough to share with a loved one, with some new friends, or to stockpile for yourself for the days that need a little boost—good vibes and the best snacks.